Rehabilitation – Day 242

A wonderful lay-in followed by a chilled read of the newspaper and breakfast, set the day off on the right foot. I thought about doing a longer session today in the gym but when I got there and looked at the empty treadmills – I changed my mind. Instead I challenged myself again to do the 1km running challenge again and aim to improve my time if I could.

Dave, the gym instructor was on duty today and we had a little chat about what I was planning, his face showed some concern but he still said ‘go for it’. So I did!!!

I focused on increasing the speed of the treadmill and to make sure that I was at least within the same time frame as my last efforts on Friday (7mins 15secs). So off I went, keeping half an eye on the RWC2015 game  – IRE v ARG, whilst running. This took my mind off the actual time & distance display.

My efforts produced the desired results again today, completing the 1km challenge in 6mins 48secs, My speed/pace varied from 7.5 to 10.5 and I felt comfortable at that pace. Now I’m getting the speed back I will look at increasing the distance over the next week or so.


After the challenge I took the opportunity to do some ‘Hill’ work on the Static Bike – the Alpine Pass was the challenge. I did 16.5km climbing in the 20mins on level 3, so was impressed with that too. Most definitely felt the CARDIO was struggling but still completed it. Finished off with a few of the Physio Exercises as a warm down and then home for the Hot Lobster Bath.


Tomorrow is the Physio Bootcamp Class at the hospital again and I’m beginning to see the reasons behind all the different exercises. The Sit to Stand exercise has significantly improved my ability to get up from any chairs and has strengthened my quads immensely.



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