Rehabilitation – Day 240

After a little bit of a lazy morning I completed my first set of the usual physio exercises at home – Fitness ball, Resistance Bands, Steps/Calf raises etc … all done without much difficulty. However, I felt a bit of a cheat really because that is all I actually did and thought I should have done more.

CNwp_JrWEAEfPBpCGHe3ZRWUAEYx1YCL_bl8JXAAAdaqr   Minus the knee supports/ice packs.

So this afternoon I returned to the gym for a normal 100%+ effort and achievements. I decided to try my own personal challenge of ‘RUNNING’ again… after initially beating my #100DayChallenge on #Day80. Today is #Day100 and I wanted to see if my fitness levels had improved as much as I would like them to have.

Twenty days ago I ran 1km in 10mins 07secs for the first time in 9 months – I was really pleased with my efforts at that time. So today was a revisit of the challenge again!! Using the same focus, I ran 1km again but this time I increased the speed from 7.5 to 9.0 and then finishing on 10.0.  This resulted in a fantastic time of 7mins 15secs at a fairly easy pace and I felt confident that I could do much more or faster. However, I refrained from increasing any further and ended the run as I first set out. Again Well Impressed with myself.

In addition to the success of my training this week, I weighed myself and found I’d lost another 1.6kgs this week – that is more than 3kgs in 2 weeks.

Mark McG supervised me again tonight at the gym – watching my techniques for the different exercises and also motivating me for more challenges. He has a knee injury too at the moment so it is a bit of fun winding each other up – don’t do that, take it easy, should you be doing that?  – just like he was doing to me for the past few months.


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