Rehabilitation – Day 239

Last night was a hard session and a repeat of Tuesday’s exercises and Cardio work. Treadmill Fitness Test was the exact same results – VO2 sub max of 49.9% etc ….   The Static Bike was a little less distance in the same time and the Cross Trainer was even harder – about 0.5km less in the same time.

Started to increase the difficulty for each exercise and look to challenge my own results. The Wall Squats with weights is one such challenge – making the quads/knee muscles work really hard. I am using 2 x 6kg weights and hold them out in front of me for a 1 minute period x 3 sets.


I have changed the Balance Board/Ball from just balancing whilst standing straight up to include a squat or bend of the knee for further strengthening. This is 2 minutes for both legs and then 1 minute for each leg. I also started to include a 10kg weight for additional difficulty.

28759_thumb_Yoga-Wobble-Board_300x350_jpg RB-Obliq-Plane-1-leg-crop__021805_132912

Step exercise and calf raises are multiple sets of 20 – raising Up/Down so to increase the exercises steadily and at the same level. Although I do these exercises I do find them quite hard and get cramp fairly quickly during each set.

cardioClubStep h9991327_005 step_aerobics_effzg_k2nin Standing_Dumbbell_Calf_Raise

Sit to Stand exercise has been the most significant improvement over the past 4 weeks – going from struggling to stand up without using my arms to now being strong enough to stand up and hold a 10kg weight. I do 4 x 25 sets with the 10kg weight slowly so to add as much resistance and stability as possible.


I quite enjoy doing the Cross Trainer exercise for a 12 minutes period. I record the time it takes to do 1km, 2km, 3km and then the 12 minutes – so far it has varied from 3.5km to 4.2km depending on when I actually do the exercise in my routine.


The Rowing Machine is less productive and varies the most – from just doing a 2 minutes period through to longer periods of time. For the 2 minutes I try to increase the distance in meters (ranging from 300m to 430m).


Tonight’s session included some weight training too. Gave myself a break from just focusing on the Cardio/Physio Exercises of the week so far. Most of this week has shown some improvements in my routines and I am feeling as though I am getting stronger, fitter and more mobile again.

Mark McG came and had a chat with me about my routines and progress to date. He praised me for my efforts and can see a vast improvement in my fitness and mobility. I completed my routine with some improvement in the degree of difficulty for each exercise. Still struggling to do the ‘Lunges’ properly, so I have broken down the exercise into smaller steps – a step forward and slight knee bend and then return to standing up position. Balance is the difficulty still, especially in the returning to the standing up position.

My NIKE+ Fuel Band has been recording the data of my achievements for the past few weeks too. It is showing stead progression with my target GOAL of 2200 calories per day. This week I have met 3 out of the 4 days so far and it is really makes me feel quite positive.


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