Rehabilitation – Day 237

Saturday night was a right mare at bedtime – very little sleep due to my right knee still being sore. I spend all day Sunday with it being rested and ice packed to ease the pain. Finished off with my usual Sunday night Hot Lobster Bath and a relaxing cup of tea too.


Monday was psycho-terrorist Bootcamp again and I was definitely concerned about going to it. Before I did the warm up I spoke to the Physio and asked her what she thought I should do – as I was worried about having to go to the hospital again. Fair dues to the physio she said it would ease after a few days and that I will be back to full training within a week – full training for my fitness that was.

So apprehensively I did the 12 exercises at a much easier pace/level and I managed to complete them without too much of a problem. I even bought a new knee strap/support for my right knee and having worn it for a few hours it was much easier to walk with.


Today will be my 1st day back at the gym since Friday last week – a 4 days rest period. I hope to be able to do the physio exercises again and see if I can improve a little bit after the break.


Been fed up doing the simple stretches around the house and now resting my right knee – ice packed and elevated. Time to look at focusing on my balance again and maybe developing ‘Lunges’ to full ones soon.

Tonight I took the opportunity to train/exercise alone and see if I can achieve any improvements. I did the treadmill fitness test challenge again – similar results 90% fitness – SUPERIOR Level, VO2 Sub Max of 49.9% and level 17.0 on the incline.

The rest of the session was focused on the physio exercises and doing that little bit more of a focus on my balance. Wobble Board/Balance Ball was for a longer period of time and included my knees being bent for a harder challenge. The other exercises consisted of the levels set by the physio – so no change there.

Alison came over and had a chat with me near the end of the session and was suggesting that I focus on the technique a little more to improve my stamina more – increasing the speed of the exercise isn’t always a good was of building any improvement.

When I got home I tried a different protein shake – a strawberry & creme one, before having my shower. Now it’s time to settle down and chill for the rest of the evening before a lay-in bed in the morning.


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