Rehabilitation – Day 234

Yesterday was a good day initially with the physio bootcamp and then a trip in the afternoon to the gym for the physio exercises. Felt really good and even managed to do the treadmill fitness test again – VO2 Sub Max of 49.1% this time. But like most days when things are going well – it happened!!

By ‘it happened’ I mean that I did something rather silly, even if it was an accident. After my Hot Lobster Bath and my evening meal I decided to do an extra set of STEP UPS & CALF RAISES on the stairs at home. This is something the physio said was good to do as many times as possible and for a few minutes at a time. I walked about 3 or 4 steps up the stairs and began – 3 sets of 20 STEP UPs at a slow pace, as the exercise technique was the important factor. That completed, I then did the CALF RAISES – 3 sets of 20 on the same step of the stair case. After completing 2 of the sets I felt my right calf tightening up and a pain starting in my right knee – an ouch came to mind!!  That was the signal to stop, no point in getting hurt so I tuned round to walk down the 3-4 steps to the floor but misplaced my right foot and slipped down the stairs.

Now this was just what I didn’t need at this point in my recovery – a 2nd knee injury just before I complete my rehabilitation. My right knee jarred as I landed straight legged on the floor and the pain shot straight through my knee, bringing tears to my eyes. I had to sit on the floor before I was physically sick. I eventually crawled to the couch and spent the next few hours in severe pain and discomfort – it wasn’t very nice. My night was disturbed and I had to nap on the couch and take more painkillers. I seriously contemplated going to the local hospital’s A&E for more treatment.

Today I have rested my right knee completely and had it ice packed all day. I have continued to take additional painkillers and I am hoping that the rest will reduce the slight swelling at the front of the knee – if not I will look again at going to the hospital. The pain isn’t as severe today but it is still difficult to walk or put full weight on it.

Tomorrow looks as though it is going to be another rest day – not because of the injury but to ensure I give both knees time to recover properly.


So for now I will be doing the gentle flexing and stretching exercises.


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