Rehabilitation – Day 232

A much needed extra lay in this morning because my legs ached for most of the night. Think its the same old dilema – do I work hard on the physio exercises in order to continue making progress or do I just sit back and take it easy – which is most definitely not me!!

Working on my CARDIO is beginning to show signs of improvement, as I can use the Treadmill, Static Bike, Cross Trainer and Rowing Machine for a little longer – in terms of time. Although not all on the same day or session!!! The weights for my UPPER BODY & ABS are also beginning to show more too – I put on a school shirt last night and found that it was too tight across my chest/shoulders/back and that my biceps make the sleeve tight. That is one of the benefits of working on one specific area and using crutches for nearly 3 months. My maximum single weight lift/push/pull has increased significantly and with Derek’s help we have been able to improve the number of reps using the heavier weights too.

After doing my stretching and bending exercises as home, using the Fitness Ball & Resistance Bands it was time to go for an afternoon swim/walk in the deep end of the local pool. Still getting funny looks as I ‘dance’ my way around the pool, but I think the regular swimmers are just use to me after the past 3/4 weeks.

Tonight I went to the gym and did a different training session with Derek, using my physio exercises to form the basis of an increased effort. We used a 60seconds timed session for each exercise and tried to improve the previous score. Although it wasn’t a particularly fast pace, we did manage to gain better results.

As a warm up to the session I did the Treadmill Walking Fitness Test again to see if I could improve my results from the previous effort. I passed the test again and scored the SUPERIOR Level again, with a VO2 Sub Max score of 51.6% – which  meant nothing to me until I came home and researched it. Thinking the percentage was low I was quite disappointed at first, but I have been seriously surprised at the outcome. (see below)


I am 53yrs old and restarted training in the gym 3 weeks ago after knee surgery 3 months ago. Very fit for my age usually. Did Walking Fitness Test tonight and scored a VO2 Sub Max of 51.6% Was disappointed at the percentage until I researched the meaning. Very pleased at it now.


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