Rehabilitation – Day 231

Lots of different numbers and data to work through;

#Day286 – since being injured

#Day87 – since surgery

#Day80 – Managed to start jogging for 1st time in 9 months

#Day26 – since walking on crutches – weight on both feet

#Day21 – since walking on 1 crutch

#Day14 – since walking without crutches

#Day7 – since attending Physio Bootcamp

Missed a gym session yesterday because I was tired after the Physio Bootcamp on Monday and the swimming/running around the pool in the evening. The physio was working us all really hard and pushing to increase our exercise levels to the next level. My balance was the issue for doing the Lunges & on the Wobble Board/Balance Ball. I was over stretching when doing the lunges, which meant that I consistently lost my balance. The wobble/balance boards are improving with practice and this in turn is strengthening my knee muscles.

Mark McG monitored my treadmill, static bike & cross trainer sessions and looked at the improvements I could make by adjusting the way I completed them. Mark G also helped me with the knee extention exercise as I was struggling to lift any weight with my left leg. He suggested that I only ‘hold’ the weigh with my left leg to build up the strength before looking to increase any weight being lifted. Later that session Alison & Derek joined me and we chattered about doing the Fitness Test on the treadmill. The test was a 12 minutes period but automatically stopped if the Heart Rate exceeded 150bpm for more than 1 minute. I only managed to last 10mins 15seconds before it automatically stopped – FAILED the test!!

Yesterday I did the physio exercises at the gym and tried to do the basic fitness test – walking on the Treadmill with a steady increase in the resistance levels. Both Derek and I did the Fitness Test again and I only managed to last 10mins 25seconds before it automatically stopped – FAILED the test again!!

Today it will be another opportunity to look at increasing the 12 exercises levels with Derek pushing me again. We used the weight machines for the majority of today’s circuit, pushing the heavier weights to our maximum limits. I was surprised just how much stronger I have become in my arms & chest – lifting a lot more than Derek could.

Finished off with the Fitness Test on the treadmill, as I was determined to pass it at some point this week. I did it tonight too!! I managed to keep the bpm below the 1 minute of 150+ and this took me to the 12 minutes time frame – wasn’t easy though….  The test recorded me as being 90% and a superior level (whatever that means?) I also recorded a VO2 of 51.6 – which also means nothing to me at this moment in time. All I can say is that I had very ‘Jelly Legs’ at the end of the walk and reached an incline of 17.0 for the last minute. Tomorrow I will look for an explanation as to what this all means….


For tonight though, it has been a Hot Lobster Bath again and an early night for a good sleep.


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