Rehabilitation – Day 229

I think today has to be a much needed rest day after such a hard week. Time to give myself an opportunity to rest and relax ready for another week of challenges. Physio exercises should be getting easier this week, even if I still am struggling with them.

  1. Bridge – these are fine and I have worked previously on my ABS. Going from single to double legs vary the difficulty for me.
  2. Treadmill – this is just a matter of doing more and increasing the incline/speed for improved endurance. I struggle with my balance whilst on it though.
  3. Calf Raises – lots of good stretching during these exercises – single/double stretches Up/Down.
  4. Knee Extention – too difficult at the moment with added weights on. I am only holding the weight up with my left leg for periods of 5/10sec, before building up the weight.
  5. Lunges – too much of a problem stretching, keeping my balance and then trying to step back upright. This is the biggest difficulty.
  6. Sit to Stand – at first this was and issue and I had to use my hands to help me stand up. Now I am focused doing it and can use 5kg/10kg weights to make it more difficult.
  7. Static Bike – same as the treadmill, just a matter of increasing the resistance/speed and time.
  8. Wobble Board – 2 mins to keep my balance on the wide board is getting a lot more easier now. To make it more of a challenge I switch my body weight to different points on the board.
  9. Balance Ball – this is a bit of a challenge using a single leg. I try to stop the shakes when bending my knees.
  10. Leg Press – building up the amount of weight pushed through both legs and then a single leg, is getting to strengthen each knee. I build up the routine from no weight to start.
  11. Rower – 2 mins on the rower at the moment is fairly simple. I can do much more, like the bike/treadmill, but am sticking to the limits set by the physio.
  12. Steps – using only 2 blocks to begin with is fine at the moment. Swapping the Leading leg from left to right and to Up/Down.

I will part-take in my usual Hot Lobster Bath to ensure a good relaxing of my leg muscles. Today they are aching a little bit, so the bath will be good for me.

Lazy Chill having a Lobster Bath

Lazy Chill having a Lobster Bath



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