Rehabilitation – Day 228

What an amazing last 3 days it has been for my rehabilitation. After 9 months of not being able to run I finally managed a few hundred meters on Thursday  (in 5mins) after the Physio Bootcamp. This meant that I was successful in my #100DaysChallenge and did it in #Day80. Friday I improved this by running for a little longer in time (8mins) and just about 600m. The feeling of achievement was such that I was walking around the gym doing the other physio exercises in a daze and a big smile on my face.

Today I intended to just do the physio exercises, as a sort of less effort approach. Well that just didn’t happen. I put my headphones on and listened to my music in my own ‘Bubble World’ as I started walking on the treadmill again. Auto-pilot kicked in and the next minute I was running again – this time it was 7.0 to 7.5 pace. I managed 1km in 8mins 25secs today without even pushing myself. Mark G was laughing at me as I finished with ‘jelly legs’ again. This is not because I was so tired, but more because I was struggling with my balance again.

I then completed the rest of the physio exercises and decided it was time for an early Hot Lobster Bath and an afternoon nap again. I am thinking that tomorrow should be a rest day, after working so hard this week. The strides I have made over the week are significant and I can see the end of the long tunnel I have been travelling through. My NIKE+ FUEL BAND is also recording my improvements too. In the past 13 days I have beat my daily target in 12 of the 13 days.

I will record my leg/knee measurements later to see if I have increased the muscle growth since the last time I recorded them


LEFT LEG:                                                                       RIGHT LEG

ankle/bottom of calf:       22cm                                          23cm

Mid calf:                            39cm                                          41cm

Bottom of knee:               37cm                                          38cm

Top of knee:                     44cm                                           46cm

Mid quads:                        60cm                                          63cm

Top quads:                        71cm                                          72cm

Over the past 29 days my leg measurements have shown a decrease in sizes and confirms the muscle wasteage that the above photos show. Hopefully now that I am able to be more focused on the muscle groups, I will start to develop these muscles over the next few weeks. Not too disappointed with the measurements but does give me a set of targets to work on.


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