Rehabilitation – Day 227

A little bit of a lay-in this morning due to muscle tiredness after yesterday’s efforts.

Went to the gym and took charge of doing physio bootcamp exercises without intending to increase the majority of them – more to get them embedded into my routine. The Sit to Stand exercise is still a lot more difficult that I anticipated but I have included an additional 10kg weight bag when doing the exercise.

Treadmill walking/running was my first task and one that I wanted to do a little bit more than yesterday. Today I did 3 minutes walking (5.5), followed by 3 minutes running (6.5), 1 minute walking and then 5 minutes running (7.0). This was difficult because of my loss in balance and knee strength. I was wobbling from side to side for most of the time, calling it to a halt at 5 minutes – don’t want to push too hard too soon. The knee extention & leg press are also harder than expected. I am only on small/light weights and that is enough for now!!

I have recorded my weight and sealed it in an envelop before putting it on the fridge door – this is my 4 weeks weight loss challenge too.


Tonight’s 2nd efforts at the gym was just as fruitful on the physio exercises, managing to do them again but at a much more relaxed effort. I found that the Sit to Stand & the Balance Board exercises are the most challenging – even getting funny looks from others in the gym. Lots of ABS/Leg work made the session go fairly fast, especially as I lay on the floor to do most of them – lol

Mark G, from the gym, helped me with the knee extention exercise, as the weights are too heavy for my left leg – even without any added weight. The actual mechanics of the exercise needs to be adapted for me – holding the weight out straight for 10 seconds is just as hard, but not the correct exercise as I’m not strong enough in my left leg quads.

The plan for the next few weeks is to make small increases in the exercises and hopefully to be able to run much more either on the treadmill or around the flat road by the gym. I can see the need to do the knee exercises religiously in order to build the muscles. The problem is the pace being set is too slow for me, impatient person that I am. However, I have to rebuild the quad muscles first before I even start to look at working harder.


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