Rehabilitation – Day 226

Well today was full of surprises both physically and emotionally for me. I had a few ups and a few downs when it came to the Physio ‘Bootcamp’ and the range of exercises they had me doing. In total there are 12 different exercises that are designed to build up my knee muscles and the quads in both legs – but specifically the left leg. Treadmill, Rower, Static Bike, Knee extention, Leg Press, Wobble board, Trampette, Stairs, Steps, Leg Raises Sit to Stand, Lunges – most of which I thought I could do easily.

BIG MISTAKE thinking that!!  The hardest one of all was the Sit to Stand exercise, as I have lost the main of my strength in my quads. I was most definitely the poorest of the members in the group for this and the Steps/Stairs exercises. This did surprise me as I was much better than most for the Treadmill, Rower & Static Bike – a fair CARDIO but still a lot to work on. I asked a question about why my knee was ice cold most of the time, to be advised that I would need to keep an eye on that. The Bootcamp was for about an hour and although I worked well, I can see the big gap I have to catch up in order to be fit enough for returning to my normal life style. The physio wants me to do the exercises a minimum of 3 times a day – which is quite hard.

My 2nd session for these exercises was at the gym and I had plenty of time to do them, no particular rush but still a feeling of accomplishment. I was able to attempt the treadmill and look at trying to run for the first time in 9 months…….  I did manage it too.   Four minutes walking at a 5.5 was comfortable, followed by 2 minutes running (very slowly but still running) at a 6.5 pace. Then back down to a walk at 5.0 for 1 minute and back up to 7.0 running for another 2 minutes. Finally another 1 minute walking at 5.5 pace before my last 1 minute running at 6.5 pace again. This may be extremely slow for most people, but WOW!!! What a feeling it gave me once I had completed it.

I had set myself a #100DaysChallenge to start running again after surgery and I beat it today by managing this run in #80Days. I completed the rest ofthe exercises, focusing on doing extra work on the Sit to Stand & the Steps/Stairs to build my quads. These simple movements have a significant impact in your everyday life & movement around the day.

Afterwards it was time to have food and a Hot Lobster Bath. I then ended up having a 2 hours afternoon nap as a result of the efforts I had put into completing the exercises – #WorkHardPlayHard.

Tonight I joined in Alison’s class and completed the 3rd attempt at doing the exercises. Now that was the hardest of all the challenges today. Not only did I feel tired during the exercises, but I felt like my legs had lead weights attached to them. Alison & Derek said they where very impressed at my efforts in the class. I even managed to do about about 20 seconds gentle jogging as part of the warm down – which felt like I running in thick mud.

Tomorrow will be another attempt at the 12 exercises and to see if I can improve just a little bit at each. I have that ‘BUZZ’ again today. The one you get when you can see the benefits in what you are doing.  For the past 3 weeks I have gone from crutches to walking/jogging for a short period of time – a MASSIVE step up in my plans to return to my normal lifestyle.

And just to make me feel even more better with myself I wrote my weight on an envelope on Monday morning. Tonight I weighed myself again and discovered a lost of 1.2kgs in 4 days. Today has been a real success for me  #feelingproud

I have also beaten my NIKE+ FUELBAND targets for 8 days out of the past 9 days.


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