Rehabilitation – Day 225

#Day79 sincesurgery   #100DayChallenge   #StayCalmKeepFit

Yesterday was a new challenge for me – looking at a basic fitness test on the treadmill, which includes walking for a period of 12 minutes and a gradual increase of the resistance. Sounds easy enough however, the test will automatically stop if your heart rate exceeds 150bpm for 1 minute. I completed 10 minutes of the test before it automatically stopped. I had a little rest before attempting it again – with the same result occuring around the 10 minutes mark. Not really sure why, as I didn’t feel overly tired whilst doing it. After a chat with Alison & Mark G, I decided to just do a little bit of time on the Static Bike & the Cross Trainer to get any benefit from the session. The usual resistance bands & fitness ball at home for the knee flex physio exercises finishing off with a Hot Lobster Bath.

Today has been a tiring one too. Lots of use of the resistance bands & fitness ball equals tired muscles around my knee. I tried the fitness test again tonight and had the same result – automatic stop, but lasted another 30seconds for some reason. Rather than being deflated I decided to work on my ABS/UPPER BODY routines with Derek. He introduced the Russian Twists with the addition of throwing a 4kg medicine ball head heightback to each other – feet raised off the floor too. Lots of effort into the weights used and again a good session with Derek.

Tomorrow is a day I am looking forward to, attending the Physio Bootcamp at the hospital. I want to be given permission to try other things to build my muscles and stamina. I know it wont be easy but I am up for a new challenge anytime.


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