Rehabilitation – Day 223

Hmmm – some good things and some not so good things have happened over the past 4 days or so. It all started after the physio on Thursday and the target set of losing both crutches over the next week. I took the challenge and have been working hard to walk further each day. The only problem I have encountered has been the tiredness so far.

Friday was interesting too, when I went to see the Consultant. I was set the target flex of my knee to be 90 degrees and had achieved over 100 degrees during the previous physio sessions. Unfortunately that was a massive failure and I struggled only to get 70 degrees at first and then with a lot of pressure I got over 100 degrees again. The Consultant was still positive in his appraisal and then we discussed the possibility of further surgery, if need be, to release my knee a bit quicker. I had made so much progress over a short period of time that I was disappointed at not achieving my targets and as such he was giving me a quicker option to getting back to training.

The decision was that I was to attend the physio ‘Bootcamp’ for the next 2-3 weeks and see if that can improve my flex and mobility, that way I can build up my strength and stamina not only in my knee but the rest of my muscle groups. Now that I am allowed to start training on the Treadmill & Cross Trainer, I can start to work more on my Cardio. Yes thats right – I say “My Cardio”!! Sounds great saying it too.

Friday night was a trip to my gym and a chat with Mark G, telling him my news and my intension to work on the Static Bike, Treadmill and then Cross Trainer for the first time in 3 months or so. Mark G said he would keep an eye on me and to monitor my times too. Managed 11mins on the treadmill, 12mins of the crosstrainer and 15mins on the static bike – with rests in between. Didn’t over do it with the resistance levels – level 1 for each exercise but it still felt great to do. Came home sweating really hard afterwards and then relaxed in my usual Hot Lobster Bath.

Saturday morning was a lay in rest day and then I got a text message from my mate Nick, reminding me of his 24hrs Skipathon event for a local hospice. Ooooppss!!!  I had agreed to help out with looking after some of the others involved in the event. Nick came over and picked me up about 2.00pm and I went and did a few hours at the event. (I even managed to have a little play on some of the other equipment – Static Bike, Treadmill and Rower in the Boxing gym the event was taking place. I felt part of the event and enjoyed working with the others in such a great cause.

Sunday was the rest day I had planned to have on Saturday, but it was worth waiting a day longer and I felt great, if also very tired. The Hot Lobster Bath was such a relaxing opportunity to ease my muscles and to get more flex in my knee.

Tonight it was a training session with Derek and the Static Bike. Although it was still a low resistance level I increased it to Level 2 and could feel the difference slightly. The rest of the time we did our usual UPPER BODY/ABS routine. Derek is getting competitive and included a 5kg weight bag into the Back Extentionswhich was a little bit of a challenge at first.  The use of the weight Frame for static exercises/lifting is quite good for my knee, saves putting any additional pressure through it by walking around too much.

Today is #Day77 of the #100DayChallenge   #KeepCalmStayFit


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