Rehabilitation – Day 219

Wow what a busy start to the week – appointments, exercises, physio, doctors etc ….

Monday was busy and a tiring day all round but that was just a prelude to the last few days I think. Physio said I was to focus on my walking with only one crutch which has been a bit more of a challenge than I first thought it would be….  but I managed to complete the past 3 days and have my naps too.

Being able to go to the physio classes and then continue the progress in normal exercise sessions has been a real benefit that I have enjoyed. The Static Bike has enabled me to have more mobility in my knee and general walking. Plenty of opportunities to develop the muscles in my legs through leg raises, knee bends – using resistance bands/fitness ball etc …  I have continued to do my ABS/UPPER BODY weight training and can feel the difference in my arms & shoulders – they ache most days. (This could be down to still using the crutches and lifting the weights too.)

Derek & Alison have been a big help so far this week – with their input and support with my sessions. However, Alison did sneakily snitch on me to Mark McG, telling him to check my session record book that I keep. Luckily for me Mark McG was fine about what I had done, as it was mainly ABS/UPPER BODY workouts.

The physio session today was really good and another set of ‘Good Boy’ points from her for my progress. So much development recorded that I have been put straight onto the ‘Rehability Bootcamp’ sessions at the hospital gym, starting next week – can’t wait!!!  I can now start to use the Cross-Trainer for short bursts of training, Static Bike on a longer time period &/or increase the resistance levels, but the BIG surprise was that I can start back on the Treadmill – walking to start with and build up the time/resistance on that too. The aim now is to lose the last crutch over the next few days to a week – then improve my strength, stamina and endurance by using the other exercise machines.

Mark McG wants me to take some photos of my body shape/form before I start back in my training sessions properly – this will give me motivation to see the differences over the next few weeks and my weight lost may not be as obvious but the muscle increase will be.

#Day73SinceSurgery   #100DayChallenge    #StayCalmKeepFit    #ProudOfMyself


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