Rehabilitation – Day 216

A good day today for a few different reasons – some silly but some quite serious. Started off with an early start to the day by doing my Physio Exercises and getting them done fairly quickly and without any pains. (Good Start.)

Next was my trip to see my Dr to review my Absence from Work Note (Sick Note), After a little chat and examination I was given a further 4 weeks covered absence – and got Good Boy points from the Dr too. (Better Day.)

Now that I had been completing all my required exercises and not over doing it, I went and did the ABS/UPPER BODY, Leg Raises, Resistance Bands and the STATIC BIKE to build my stamina & muscle development. I even surprised myself at today’s achievements and have to thanks Derek & Alison for their support. (Excellent Session.)

To some, these may not sound like achievements to celebrate as I am, but I just think back 18 days ago I wasn’t even walking with both feet on the floor and taking my own body weight. The improvements & achievements are increasing on a daily basis and as such, my rehabilitation is becoming faster than expected.

I am currently able to flex my knee to 110 degrees which 18 days ago was only 30 degrees (a massive improvement in itself). The target set by the Consultant was upto 90 degrees by next Friday. Similarly, I have progressed from no weight on crutches, to walking using both crutches and increasing body weight, to now using only one crutch by the end of this week. Walking, Standing, Bending & Stretching are all now getting easier – NIKEPlus Fuel Band recording my STEPS, FUEL, CALS & TIME.

Tonight I am enjoying the usual Hot Lobster Bath and a nice cup of tea to relax and rest my knee and muscles. This is one of the positive things about my recovery.

Today is the start of Week 11 since my surgery and I have made massive strides in my rehabilitation. I am on #Day70 of my #100DayChallenge to be back running and I do believe that I will achieve it. The only reason to stop me will be on the advice of the Consultant – but he is also very pleased & impressed at me being between 4-6 weeks ahead of his expectations. He did say it would take most people between 4-6 months to fully recover, though 3 months would be considered fast. I’m not far off achieving the 3 months target.

For the rest of this week I will continue with the physio sessions, Swimming/pool sessions and the resistance bands – it is because of this that my recovery has been so rapid – plus my basic fitness that I built up before the surgery.


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