Rehabilitation – Day 215

Been a busy few days since I last blogged. Starting with Friday and meeting up with my work colleagues at a Teaching Course – which I volunteered to attend, as long as I didn’t get grief if I had a little nap in the afternoon (Which I did several times when they put the lights out to watch short video clips.)

It was a very long and tiring day but enjoyed meeting up with everyone. Some of us went out for a meal in the pub for a longer chat. I did get a lift home from Jan and was grateful for that too because once I got home I ended up having 15 & 1/2 hours sleep. This meant that I lost half of Saturday too.

So yesterday was a completely chilled & ‘Rest Day’ of no exercise or stretching. Just watching lots of Sports on TV and relaxing – which was needed more than I had realised.

Today I managed to get up early and take a little walk on my crutches to the local shop and bought the Sunday Newspaper, to have a relaxing read with my breakfast. My gentle stretching for the physio exercises enabled me to do some more time on the Static Bike – I managed to do two sessions with a break in between. For the rest of today I will do several stretching/physio exercises over the whole of the day and that should continue with my efforts to increase my knee flex. Last time I had it measured was Thursday at the physio session – measuring 100 degrees comfortably but upwards to 110 degrees when pressure was applied.

Later this week I have another physio session and will be aiming to get to the 110 degrees flex and hopefully more ‘Good Boy’ points from her and the Consultant on Friday. So feet up at the moment and watch some more Sport.



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