Rehabilitation – Day 212

What a long day for me today ….. Up and out by 10.30am to do my ‘Walking Dance’ in the local swimming pool – heads turned and funny looks received by others using the pool. But I still enjoyed doing it.

Aftwards, was time for some lunch  – a #SUBWAY Beefsteak, lettuce & onions on Italian bread. Was worth the wait. Then off to get some new training tops for the gym/physio sessions. Having put some weight on around my waist and some muscle on my Upper Arms & Shoulders, I needed to get new clothes. Bit of a sale in the local sports store.

Then is was time for the physio exercises, the resistance bands, leg raises, weights for UPPER BODY & ABS work. I managed to increase the time a little bit on the Static Bike today – only a minor increase, but still an increase. Spoke to Alison & Mark McG and had my record book scrutinised by Mark McG – lol. Checking what I had been doing over the last couple of days.

Today the Knee bend/flex was a little bit more of a challenge – the scar tissue around the bottom of the knee is tight and feels like it is burning inside my knee when I try to flex further. So when I got home I ice-packed both my knees for about 40 minutes before then having a lovely long soak in my Hot Lobster Bath – lasting another 40 minutes. It was then that the tiredness kicked in and I unintentionally ended up have an afternoon nap whilst waiting for my slow cooker was doing my evening meal – a Beef Stew. (Which I ended up eating about 9pm.)



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