Rehabilitation – Day 211

Up and out early this morning to see my favourite ‘Psycho-Terrorist’ and a bit of pain administrating by her.  Once at the hospital, she decided to give me her usual assessment update – in the space of 5 days I have surpassed my knee flex expected to be about 90 degree. This morning is was measured as a 100 degrees flex – great news!! I got some ‘Good Boy Points’ for that. However, I also got told off for not bending my knee when I am walking with the crutches, tending to walk stiff legged and the crutches wider than they should be to compensate for this ‘swinging’ action.

A few walks up and down the ward soon got that into the correct action – with the aim of building up to lose one of the crutches before the next physiotherapy appointment  next week. It’s hard enough using two crutches at the moment so being down to one will be an even bigger challenge.

I have been given permission to work a little longer on the static bike now, upping the session from 6 minutes on no resistance to 10 minutes with no resistance. To be honest this short time period most definitely takes the physical toll out of me. I end up having either an afternoon nap or a lay-in the next morning after feeling tired. (No only due to the bike session but also including the physio exercises & stretches.)

NikePlus+ Fuel Band is great too – producing increased data results as I get more and more mobile. Walking has obviously increased the number of STEPS – going from 1500 on the first day to over 5450+ steps today. Movement also measures my CALS & FUEL – which are also becoming more postive.


In the #GetYourMuscles (GYM) I did some physio exercises with Derek and then a fair bit of ABS & UPPER BODY weights. The Leg Raises where a lot harder than I anticipated but still managed them. The arms/shoulders weights are still at the same level as just before surgery – think this is down to alot of the past 9 weeks I have used my crutches and built up the basic strength in my UPPER Body.

The traditional Hot Lobster Bath was most delightful tonight and the soak relaxed my tired muscles. #JustLoveASoak

Maybe another lay-in for me in the morning to help me recover from the tiredness. If I can I hope to do my silly ‘Walking Dance’ in the Pool tomoorw, strengthening my Quads/Knee muscles just a little bit more.



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