Rehabilitation – Day 210

WOW!!!  what an unusual day for me this morning onwards. I woke up and got out of bed at 11.30am after a really tiring day yesterday – the new exercises and the introduction of the static bike just wiped me out.

This meant that I had to do my usual physio exercises a little bit later and tried to make sure I didn’t miss them out. Then about 4.45pm I went to the gym and had a quick chat with Mark G & Alison about attempting some of my physio exercises on the gym equipment.

The focus tonight was the knee flex of 90 degrees/+, leg raises, knee bends, calf stretches and resistance bands. Although I didnt particularly push myself too much, (I have come home absolutely shattered and enjoyed a Hot Lobster Bath.) My private Nurse – Jackie was also in the gym tonight – first time I have actually seen her there for 3 months.

Tomorrow morning is my next  Psycho-Terrorist appointment and I can’t wait to see if I have made more progress with my flexing of the knee. Feels like I’m at 90 degrees sometimes, but on other occasions its still too stiff to move. Just have to wait and see.

NIKEPlus+ Fuel Band is keeping me on my toes too – STEPS are up to 2800 at the moment and that is tiring too. Doesn’t include and exercises that are done – just the steps. Still a little wobbly on the crutches because of my focusing on the breakdown of each step.


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