Rehabilitation – Day 209

A great day today – felt really good doing my exercises. Managing to walk between 2000 – 2500 steps on the crutches to build up my stamina and muscle development…..  feels good too.

I am impressed with my NIKEPLUS+ Fuel Band and the data it is recording for me. Enables me to do a little more each day – knowing how much more I need to do to improve.

Looking to do some basic strength work on Upper Body – some weights in the gym tomorrow. Tonight I did the following under the watchful eye of Derek/Alison. The static bike was good as it enabled me to bend my knee a little bit more that the Resistance Bands. The time & distance data is unimportant as it is just to show what I did – the focus was the knee flex.

Alison gave me the heavy duty resistance band to use for the leg/knee stretches & swings. She was like a hawk watching me do them – and could see that although I was enjoying the exercise, I was also being careful too.

Mark Mc also text me a few times today – to make sure I knew that he was going to watch me too. He spoke to the gym owner and checked it was ok for me to go back and strart some strength rehab exercises. Luckily for me they both agreed and are aware of my frustrations at being unable to train as I want.

So the main focuses for me over the next 2 weeks is to be full weight bearing  – about 80% at the moment. To be able to flex my knee 90degrees+  – again about 80degrees at the moment. To build up my muscle strength and stamina through like exercises – using the bands and walking a little bit further each day.

Finally to improve my posture/gait whilst walking on the crutches – breaking my step down into smaller movements to increase the strength more. Sounds like a lot of things to concentrate on for now, but in comparison to the past 9 weeks it is heaven to be doing something worthwhile.

Data – #Day262 since injury     #Days63 since surgery   #Day63 of #100DayChallenge – leaving me with 37 days left to achieve my Target.  All is going good – still about 4 weeks ahead of expectations and on track. Edgie is getting as many runs/events in as he can before I start back training properly – he did his 5th 1/2 marathon yesterday without me.


Hot Lobster Bath time and a chill forthe rest of the night is on the cards for me now.


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