Rehabilitation – Day 206

Good lay-in yesterday morning after a tiring day doing not much. Band exercises for stretching and Fitness Ball for flexing my knee has been completed for this morning – more to do later. Missed out on the Plank Challenge yesterday so I should double up later.


Another Swimming/Pool session completed too with the usual strange looks from others. My silly routine is getting quite good now, before doing some swimming without too much of a kick from my legs. Breast stroke arms are easy – though tiring, but the leg kick is a lot harder and much weaker. I manage about 1 & 1/2 lengths before dragging my feet on the bottom of the pool. Front crawl is arms is definitely much more of a challenge – legs are too difficult.

Been to see the Psycho Terrorist again this morning and another pleasing report from  her – swelling is going down still and my knee is almost a 90 degree flex. She did comment (jokingly) about my one skinny leg and one fat leg – lol. There goes my self-esteem & confidence!!!

I’m now permitted to try some work on the static exercise bike – to reinforce my flexing of the knee. She is focusing on my Gait too as I am tending to favour putting all my body weight through my good leg – this means I am leaning to the right as I walk. More exercises for my Quads & Calves to build them up. Sharing the weight from one leg to the other and the breaking down of my ‘on the spot’ step – heal first to toe and lift off – repeating this as often as I can.

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So now that I can see the difference in both my legs I can look to build up these muscle groups sooner. I understand that I have come so far over the past 9 weeks and that I must remain on my steady programme. However, I am so close to nearing my #100DayRunningChallenge.

Today is #Day60 – and I am well on the way to reaching my goal.



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