Rehabilitation – Day 204

Up to the usual tricks of physio exercises – plank challenge – and chillin around the house. Feet up/Leg raises and ABS work. So with all this going on you would think a noticeable improvement would be evident –  NOT!!!   All that I have managed is to get more tired, more aches & pains and more of a sore right knee (the good one). ICE-Packed knees and the stretch bands/fitness ball help a bit though.

Today was a bit frustrating with work stuff being a pain at times. That led to me deciding to have a session in the swimming pool. I do a bit of a silly exercise routine in the deep end of the pool – a cross between slow motion running and stride stretching.  (I get a few funny looks too.)

After about 20mins of doing this routine, I then start doing a length of the walking exercise and then a length of swimming – arms only. This builds up to a length of arms only to a length of floating on my back – legs only at 40%/50% force – the focus being on being able to bend my knees to 90degrees without kicking. This is really difficult as it is also very slow – so trying to stay afloat  too is important.

I’m now on about 75% of my body weight going through both feet whilst walking on the crutches, which is a big plus at the moment – it’s only been about 6 days of me walking without the leg brace and it feels great. Now I want to start improving this as much as I can and as quick too.


Tomorrow I’m up for another go at either the swimming or more of the physio routine. My NIKE+ Fuel Band is also collecting the data for me too – the STEPS today are over 2000 and that doesn’t include the pool time. Feeling in a good place still at the moment – simple targets set, met and revised daily helps.


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