Rehabilitation – Day 201

Well Saturday was still a day of suffering with aches & stiffness in my legs. Although I enjoyed the swimming/pool session it really did take a lot out of me. That coupled with my physio exercises at home and it adds up to tired.

Tomorrow is another session at the pool/swimming to see if I can stretch the stiffness further and my knee flex to 90 degrees this week – was about 80 degrees last week so a little more effort to get more. My weight bearing is also getting much better, enabling me walka little further each day. My NIKE+ Fuel Band is a cool toy to use too. It gives me the number of steps I have walked over the 24hr period and it seems to be around 2500 – 3000 steps a day. With a bit of luck I will be able to do some more by the end of this week – Target 4000+ maybe?


Tonight it will be sitting and pondering the exercises for the coming week – even a possible trip to the gym for a chat about when I can return. (Initially focusing on ABS/Leg Raises and Plank).


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