Rehabilitation – Day 199

An easier day today after the swimming/pool exercises yesterday. Both my legs ached lastnight and again this mrning – tiredness & tightness of muscles, rather than the joints themselves.

Using my new NIKE+ Fuelband I recorded the following data for this morning;

STEPS  – 1677

CALS    –  303

FUEL    –  948

and that is in a chilling mode today. Yesterday was much higher in all results.

So today I have decided to measure my muscle sizes for both legs – to see what the differences are. Iwas shocked/surprised at the differences in the Left (injured leg) and the Right (good leg) over the period of no training or activities.

LEFT LEG:                                                                       RIGHT LEG

ankle/bottom of calf:       23cm                                          24cm

Mid calf:                            36cm                                          39cm

Bottom of knee:               37cm                                          37cm

Top of knee:                     49cm                                           50cm

Mid quads:                        61cm                                          63cm

Top quads:                        69cm                                          72cm

With those differencesI will need to focus on tailoring my training to develop specific muscle groupings – with an additional emphasis on my leg leg muscles. I must also add that I have have some muscle wastage on my Right Leg – due to a lack of training over the past 12weeks.

On the opposite side of the injury – I have increased my waist size by 10kg and my upper body/arms & shoulders too. So not a completely odd shaped rehabilitation to work with. ABS/Leg raises & the Plank Challenge are my daily exercises, coupled with stretching and weight bearing on alternate legs using the crutches – my efforts will be rewarded at the end of this recovery.


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