Rehabilitation – Day 198

Well it has begun – the intense physio exercises and the swimming pool torture.

As previous days show I have been using the ‘Stretch Bands’ for the resistance levels on my leg/knee/quads and also the Fitness Ball for working on my ABS/Quads. Those on their own are enough to tire me out, so to add the #PlankChallenge too is just down to harder work.

This afternoon I spent 75mins doing the physio’s exercises in the swimming pool. Lots of walking in the deep water, stretches, knee bending and weight changing. Sounds simple enough but then it takes its toll. A few strange looks off others in the pool but hey-ho, I am focused on my own rehabilitation.

Some more leg raises/Knee bends tonight and the bands/ball again should be enough for me today – focusing on working towards the 90degrees flex.

I have also invested in a NIKE+ FUEL BAND to record the following:





I will start recording these too – though not include the pool data.




Things are starting to improve – #Day6 of weight bearing on crutches.

11953225_10152981819611196_1607282935586949798_n  11896110_10152973100606196_4235043314206291904_n


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