Rehabilitation – Day 196

Have spent the last 3 days learning to walk again with both feet on the floor and crutches. Never realised just how much I had lost in strength in both my legs – but particularly the muscle wastage of my left leg. So, the plan for the next week is to build up the strength is to do short bursts of walking exercises, followed by the use of ABS/Leg Raises – single & both.


The stretching exercises for my left leg/knee have enabled me to bend it comfortably between 30 – 50 degrees. Now I need to look to aim for 50 – 90 degrees over the next 2 weeks. Included in my exercises will be swimming – or walking in the pool to enable extra weight being put on my feet.

Do the #30DayPlankChallenges with a few Ladies has helped too. Now I’m using the fitness ball to continue with stretching and a bit of balance work. The extending of my knees over the ball has been a bit tight, but still doing it.

CNwp_JrWEAEfPBp CNwp-ubWEAAk1dn

After each session – which only lasts a few minutes at a time, but I repeat several times a day – I always feel tired and have a bit of a nap or rest. At this rate I will be able to look at walking further at the weekend. Fingers Crossed!!!


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