Rehabilitation – Day 193

Today is the first day of recovery without having to wear my leg brace and what a big difference it has made. Usually I have a little bit of a limp because I couldn’t bend my knee enough to walk properly. However, today I have been shifting some of my body weight through both legs to learn how to walk again – what a feeling that is too!! I quite enjoyed just a short walk around the house on both feet – though still used the crutches for balance and extra support. If I continue like this then I am confident that I will stop using the crutches soon too.


A few goes at the different exercises from the physio today is also helping me strengthen my knee – the flex/bending is still stiff & sore, which means an aching knee when I have finished. But I was told that the more I do the exercises then the easier it will get. So now it’s time for me to start thinking about the future and new physical targets/challenges. I have visited my local swimming pool to discuss some options for me to exercise in the pool – building up to swimming again.


In the future I am aiming to do a TriAthlon – as a beginner I can do the following version of the 3 events;

  • 750m open water swim
  • 20km bike ride
  • 5km roan run

This being a focus will mean I can aim for a time of under 1hr 40mins – which I believe will be a reasonable attempt to start with.


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