Rehabilitation – Day 192

Today’s blog is going to be a quick review of the last 3 days – due to being busy/tired to keep this up to date.

After the physio on Tuesday I spent most of Wednesday resting as I was tired as usual, after walking along the long hospital corridors to the physio department. I started to read a new book – one of Military interest to me, and then realised I had to re-read Shakespeare’s Children’s version of Macbeth – ready to do some planning for the children when I return to work. The other reason to do as little as possible was to ensure I was rested for my trip to Conwy Castle with Jan. Michelle & her 2 girls. This was to look at a pre-visit risk assessment before taking 2 classes of children there.

Now Thursday was probably the most physically challenging one for me over the past few months – since I stopped training. Part of our journey was to walk around the Castle walls and to experience the Towers.We did this in two parts, just looking around the ground floor buildings and information – then lunch, and a rest for me. Afterwards we spent the afternoon session looking at the wall and walkways around the castle – which turned out to be over 1.3km in length and 1000+ steps. Usually I’d say this would be easy to complete, but then I remembered that I was on crutches and no weight on my left leg. My left knee was fine throughout, no pain or discomfort, which is more than I could say for my arms, shoulders, hands and right knee/leg. It was one of those things to consider halfway round – carry on to the end or turn back to the beginning. Fortunately for me Jan & Michelle walked slowly and had a number of ‘rests’ for themselves – which I know was their way of giving me a break. The two girls however, they where my baby-sitters and we spend lots of time talking about the historical aspect of the castle and they found it very interesting with their questions too. Once Jan drove me back home I was ready for my hot lobster bath and an early night – which gave me about 14 hours sleep to recover.


Now today was a big D-Day for me too. I had an appointment with the Consultant and it was decision time about my leg brace. I went in to the meeting and we discussed how I had been feeling over the past 3 weeks since the last appointment. So being the cheeky chappie that I am I explained my continued physio exercises, the added Plank Challenge and the fact that I had been doing a little bit extra (within reason) to build up the muscle strength in my knee. To say he was pleased with his examination of my knee would be an understatement. He expected me to be able to flex my knee to around 30 degrees. However, as I had no pain and was able to straighten my knee fully – he believed I was about 4 weeks head of his expectations. He asked me to walk without the leg brace on and to start putting some weight through my leg. He set me a target of a 90 degree flex overthe next 3 weeks. I asked what would he allow me to aim for if I managed the 90 degrees?  A big smile went across his face and then he thought for a moment. Ok max 120 degrees – no more and definitely ‘NO SQATS’..   I agreed and then said I would keep a record of all the rehab I do over the next 3 weeks for him to see. He said he looked forward to more progress from me. He removed the leg brace and then told me to go to the physio.

The smile on my face gave away my news to the physio – Karen, a different Lady to the usual one. She listened to what I informed her from the Consultant’s meeting. However, that ‘Evil’ look on her face became evident as she told me – well lets see just how are we can bend your knee today then …..  after a few demonstrations and explanations of what she wanted me to do – the pain began. First few exercises & a bit of pressure/force by Karen meant I managed to flex my knee 45degrees, several attempts at different exercises meant the flex went up to around 53degrees. For the last 10 minutes of the session Karten started to push me to try harder – a little bit more, come on, further, etc …. Her final measurement went to 58 degrees flex. She told me I had impressed her by my effort and that I had doubled the flex of my knee in a matter of 90mins without the brace on. She then had a chat of what I could do more over the next week to increase the flex further. Karen even agreed to let me go to the swimming pool – to take any pressure off my joints and enable me to try a bit more. I’m not allowed to do the Breast-Stroke but I could try Frontcrawl if I wasn’t in any discomfort.

So overall I have had a brilliantly positive day today – ahead of my expected progress, and more confident in walking on my crutches. I have been given a further 4 weeks off by the Consultant, which if I continue with the progress will mean I can start proper training much earlier.


#Day245 since I injured myself

#Day46 since surgery

#Day45 of my #100DayChallenge

This means I am well on target to be running within the next 8 weeks.


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