Rehabilitation – Day 189

Same old same old for the last 2 days – tired, sleep aches & pains. Trouble is, these are not in my bad knee – they are from all the extra work, weight and pressure on my good knee. It doesn’t seem to matter how far I can manage to walk using the crutches, the problems always start in my other knee – the good one. I constantly have both legs raised and ice pack them seperately to ensure the same treatment. I do the exercises set by the physio to both legs and maintain as much movement as permitted – just seems that it is taking its toll on my good knee now.

Today I went to see the physiotherapist at the local hospital as arranged in my appointment – again a waste of time, space, effort and no valuefrom it at all. A quick question about any changes since the last appointment – nope being the reply. My right knee is starting to suffer and hurt more – well stay off your feet unnecessarily – was the response. A bit like today’s appointment you mean? It takes me 20mins to walk on crutches from the front enterance to the physio department – to sit for 2 minutes and then do the return walk back.

Can you come back in 3 days for another appointment to see if you have any further changes and we can look at possibly giving you some more exercises to build up the strength in your knee – providing that the Consultant says it is ok too on Friday. (Sounds like another waste of time, effort and energy again on friday.) So far I have had a total of 6 physio appointments, lasting a combined time of less than 20mins duration. During this time I have not had any form of treatment from this department. However, 2 hours after surgery, the physio in the hospital had me walking up and down stairs, along the corridor and gave me a set of simple exercises to help manipulate my knee – the same exercises I have been doing for the past 6 weeks.


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