Rehabilitation – Day 187

Really humid last night meant a few hours dozing on the couch until 04.00am and watching some of the World Athletic Championships in China – was good what I remember being awake for. Felt really sorry for the Local (Scouse) girl KJT in the Heptathlon – she was doing so well too.

Woke up about 12.30pm this afternoon to my nextdoor clown banging and shouting – nowt new there just the time I heard it. When I’m back on my feet I might just try a few exercises in my front room multigym – in the early hours.


Completed #Day11 on the Plank Challenge – not as easy as you first think. Upto 90secs tomorrow by following the proggy.

11866233_10152949691361196_3434231172122372990_n 11896110_10152973100606196_4235043314206291904_n

Apart from my usual nap in the afternoon I have managed to do very little today – and feel really tired as a result of this. I had a good chat with my New Mummy Colleague – Megstar – and got told off by her too like a naughty little boy (Poor Oscar in the future.)  Also had a FB Messenger chat with another New Mummy colleague – Theresa about meeting up over the next few weeks. Not managed to see either little bungles of joy so that is a plan. My colleague Michelle – text me a telling off too.

Now its time to watch a little bit of TV again before the next session of Athletics start.


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