Rehabilitation – Day 186

Coming up to nearly 6 weeks since my knee surgery and I’m just starting to realise the difficulties I have faced and the limitations they have caused. If you take out the ‘couch potatoe’ approach of my recovery, then the biggest problem I have faced has been the tireness after any distance of walking on the crutches.

Sleep has not been a real issue, as I get to have many hours during the night and some long naps in the afternoon. The length of sleep depends if I have gone out during the day. EG: I went out for lunch 3 days ago and was driven to/from the restaurant. However, it is only today that I have had the energy to do something else, other than to sleep. I didn’t do much whilst out but it still wiped me out.

One thing I won’t miss is the #SelfInjecting which I’ve not enjoyed in the slightest – only one week to go with them. The number of times my stomach has been bruised because of the injections is unbelieveable.


Next week is also a busy week for appointments and also a tiring one – Consultant & Physiotherapy, for an update on my progress and next steps in recovery. Must also ask about how long it will be before I can return to training &/or school too.

Although I have attempted to maintain as much of a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) as I can, this week I have noticed that I have put on some weight around my tummy – bugger!!!  This will be my No1 priority to lose once I’m back on my feet. I suppose it has been due to my not focusing on a healthy eating style over the past few weeks. #NaughtyBoyMe

Tomorrow I’m hoping to catch up with my friend Sean – for a #SportsMassage –  he is very good at releasing all the tightness/stress out of the muscles so I will ask him to be careful with my left knee.


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