Rehabilitation – Day 183

Up and out early(ish) today with Peter – he took me to his house for a few hours and made me a healthy Ham salad for lunch too. We had a good chat and a little play around looking for stuff on the internet. He dropped me off mid afternoon, just in time for me to plan to have a little nap – that didn’t happen though!!

Shortly after getting home I had my 2nd lot of visitors – Tom, Rose & Oliver. They came for tea and a few hours chat – making sure I was alright and didn’t need anything. We ended up watching a TV programme – that was more of a social insight into the present problems facing Society in the present day – JK ….

Now that they have gone I am onto doing my #30DayPlankChallenge – Day7. I am getting into doing this now and even more so that the times are beginning to rise significantly too.

For the remainder of the evening it will be to watch some more TV whilst chilling and doing the physio exercises ….  Oh what a way to spend the time off.





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