Rehabilitation – Day 182

A bit of a strange few days again – feeling really tired and both legs are aching. Not the expected pains but more stiffness andthe tiredness associated to when your have finished training or a run….   Hard to explain why this is happening as I’m not actually doing anything more than the physio exercises.

Tiredness, mid afternoon naps and the ‘restless legs’ type feelings are the current situation and it makes me just want to ice up both knees. My left knee (had the surgery to it) is fine and feels aches in my calf & hamstring – this was expected along with the stiffness due to constantly having the leg brace on. My right knee however is taking all the weight and strain when I’m using the crutches – this IS expected but with both legs feeling the same I am getting a little bit limited this past two weeks. Might be time to just take a step back and start resting again??

I’m on to Day6 of the #30DayPlankChallenge – now that is going really well. I can feel the muscles in my core getting used when doingthe time period for the day – in fact I am enjoying the challenge and have been distracting myself by singing a song for the whole length of the daily challenge…..  Not too much time at the moment – built up to 45seconds for day 6. in the next few days this will double and then the challenge will kick in more – lol.  The other Ladies are still doing their own challenges and we Tweet each day to give support.

I have planned to try and go to Conwy Castle next week with Jan & Michelle from school, but I think that will depend on how I’m feeling around then. I can’t see me going very far without resting and that could be a problem on the trip. Anyway, small steps equals progress.

On a more positive note …..  I am down to my last week of ‘Self Injecting’ the blood thinning drugs, which is a massive change for me – considering that I dont like needles and have coped giving myself them every day since surgery. Now that is one job I am glad will be over soon. That also means that I dont have to visit the Vampires either for blood tests ….   I have got massive bruises across my stomach and on both arms as a result of the needles….  looks like I was beaten up big style.



#LegsTan   My next focus will be to try and get some sunshine on my legs for a tan.


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