Rehabilitation – Day 179

Been quite tired this week – not so much as pain in the knee but more aching in the muscles around the knee. Doingthe exercises as instructed by the Psycho-Terrorists and building up the routine of the day.

Yesterday I had Jan from school visiting me – spent about 8 hours having a laugh and doing some research for next Term’s Topic – not fair that she has to do it all for both classes so I’m helping out as much as I can. Ended up being quite funny as we just lost all hope of being sensible after looking at so many silly activities, then adapting them for our children – loopy teachers or loopy children, hasn’t been decided yet!!

Today I’ve had a little more of a busy day on my feet (or actually the crutches) and needing another food shop. A visit to the local cafe for lunch followed by the shopping was a little too much I think, ending up with a few hours afternoon nap again. (I didn’t have one yesterday and I felt the energy draining out of me both physically & mentally.)

On to Day 3 of the #30DayPlankChallenge and already the ABS are starting to feel the slight increase in time each day – but hey-ho only 27 days to go. The others on Twitter have confirmed they are doing the challenge with me and that they have completed the daily timed plank too.

Showering is getting much easier too and I can now confidently manage getting washed without worrying about falling through the shower doors. This means that when I have my Lobster Bath, that I can enjoy the relaxing a little bit more rather than focusing on getting clean.

I also treated myself to a couple of extra support pillows for the couch and its great being much more comfortable sitting up instead of sinking to one side or the other after a few hours sitting down. The pillows also are able to keep me sitting up straight and that enables me to do the leg exercises much better. Still waiting for a few days of sunshine so that I can relax on the sun lounger I bought, but we’ve had nothing much more than rain since I bought it – where’s the summer sunshine?


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