Rehabilitation – Day 173


Nowt different over the past few days, tired, afternoon naps and chilling watching TV/Sport – oh boy am I glad the Football season has started. Had quite a few visitors too – Edgie, Edith, Tom, Rose & Oliver – little man.

Decided to do more of the simple leg raises, calf stretches and ABS focus as directed my the Psycho-Terrorist last week. Went out and bought a 26″ Fitness Ball to do some gentle exercises on and also purchased the Resistance Bands – LIGHT, MEDIUM & HEAVY. Spent some of the time today using the LIGHT band for now until I get use to it.


I also managed to get a wooden Sun lounger – 2nd hand ready for all this sunshine we are going to have forthe rest of the SummerTime. I was quite impressed with myself and can’t wait to use that either. Lots of chilling in the back garden – reading, sun bathing or just plain old napping will do me. (As long as I dont go back to school like a milk bottle.)

Tomorrow is Vampire Day again – giving my 4 little bottles of blood to the butcher’s mate – bet I get more bruises on my arm again!!!


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