Rehabilitation – Day 168

#Day22AfterSurgery   & Day 220 since injury

Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun!!!  As you can seen from the record of days in this posting – I have 3 sets of numbers ongoing. The 220 is the number of days since I injured myself, the 168 is the number of days I’ve been blogging about my injury and the 22 is the number of days since surgery. Together they don’t really mean much to anyone but me – especially as the 2 larger numbers have generally seen a negative impact on my life. The 22 days however, have seen my whole approach become so positive again and I have not stopped smiling over the past 3 weeks.

Why you may ask? That is quite simple for me, I am on my road to recovery and it is a much better feeling than the misery and doubts that I had whilst waiting to be treated. Even the NHS staff – Consultants, Drs, Nurses, Physios etc … that have helped me over the past few weeks keep commenting on how positive I am and that they have not met anyone so happy about their rehabilitation ahead.

Anyway, on a less positive note but one that still made me smile. I had some colleagues visiting me today to see how I was – they too were surprised at my positive approach to my present circumstances. They took me out to McDonalds as a means of escaping the house and also a quick way of gaining some food. They brought me some presents from my Y6 class, that had just left, as I wasn’t around to get them before leaving. I just wanted to share this one present – which has made me smile all afternoon and is SOOOO ME!!.

Just goes to show that a present with a little bit of thought can make you feel really happy.


This is a picture of me duringthe Summer Fayre when I was getting wet sponges thrown at me in the ‘SOAK THE TEACHER’ activity. Or as I told the children it was my ‘Attitude Adjustment Technique’. ….


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