Rehabilitation – Day 167


Total wipeout again over the past 3 days – lots of sleep and long lay-ins. Consultant wasn’t worried about my tiredness just to keep an eye on any other symptoms.

My latest appointment was at the physio (Psycho-Terrorist) today and that in itself was an ordeal to get to. Long walks on crutches, warms days and tired arms make for an afternoon nap. The good news on the other hand is that the psycho-terrorist is also pleased at my progress and the lack of muscle waste around my knee. She explained that Iwon’t be able to develop my quads wasteage until I’m back on my feet properly – weight bearing again, as the quads can only develop with use of resistance and exercise. In the mean time I have to continue with the same exercises for my knee and the stretches to ensure I will be strong enough in my knee. Most of the swelling has now gone too, except for a little bit around the inside of my knee and below it.

I asked about what the next step may be in my rehabilitation and returning to training/exercising/work. Without my weight bearing in the next 3/4 weeks she said it would usually mean a further 3/4 weeks intensive physio once I am back on my feet. In short she said it seems highly doubtful that I would be in a position to do anything before the end of September.

Oh Dear!!!



This was 4 weeks ago and I had checked my muscle wasteage in my knee/quads (JULY 2015)


This was last week (AUGUST 2015) – quads slowly disappearing in left thigh and swelling around left knee.


Lobster Bath and treats.CKiBhrsWUAAUFQaCKiBh3AW8AAwaui

So it looks like a lot more resting, relaxing & recovering over the next 3/4 weeks with a little bit of walking on the crutches to build up my arms too. The Hot lobster Baths also do help the muscles to relax/repair/recover. Sleep has not been an issue of a night so that is one good thing about the surgery. I am getting more able to cope with or adapt to my current circumstances.

The one thing that I most definitely need help with is the food shopping – to have some one pushing the trolley and carrying the food into my home. I have some really good friends that have gone out of their way to help – thanks to them big time. A mention to Michelle & Jan (colleagues from school) that have spent some of their holidays sorting out my classroom ready for September.


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