Rehabilitation – Day 164


Today was a big day for me, the first appointment with the consultant since surgery. I was a little concerned about what he may say – doing too much, not doing enough or even that the surgery had gone wrong. So off I went with Edith my taxi driver to Warrington Hospital for the news.

After a short delay in seeing the Consultant, I was finally having a chat about the past 18 days and how my kne was feeling. He examined the wounds and was very impressed with his handy-work and told me so!!! Then he began to manipulate my leg/knee to see if I had any restictions – pressing down on my knee toflatten it out fully was a bit of a shock, but one that turned out to be a good surprise. Again he was impressed at my ability to do this without any pain.

Next was him asking me how far I was able to bend my knee, which I thought was strange at first as the brace restricts my flexing the knee to only 30 degrees. When I explained that I wasn’t able to bend the knee nor had I even tried too – as per his instructions. He laughted and told me that was the correct answer and that he didn’t want me to even try for another 3-4 weeks. PHEWW!!!

So to summarise today’s news …. The consultant is very impressed at the rate of my recovery – ahead of where he expected at this point. Although there is some muscle wasteage to my quads, he is more than happy with the developed muscles around my knee. He is keen to get me into physio next week to start to build up my quads. I could be feet on the floor on the crutches within the next 3-4 weeks. This has been a good day and one that also tired me out. after walking along the very long corridors in the hospital – I ended up with a few hours afternoon sleep as a result.


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