Rehabilitation – Day 162


Another lazy day today again, after 12hrs or more sleep again. Still feeling pretty tired even though I have not done much all day. I woke up this morning with my legs feeling a bit stiff so I unconsciously stretched out both my arms and legs and made the usual groaning type noise to wake up properly…..  BIG mistake!!

By doing this I accidently stretched out my knee in the brace, forgetting that it was on. That was when I found out the sort of pain that Neil (the knee) had been storing up for me!!   OUCH is an understatement. This resulted in my saying on the couch all day and not moving much so not to sample the same level of pain again.

I have had all the dressings off and the brace too – ice packed it for most of the day, not because I needed to but more to ensure I rested the knee.


The swelling is still around the top of the knee and the yellow bruised mark down the inside of my shin is fading well. The only visible sign is the lower keyhole mark – which hasn’t closed properly as yet. So the question for friday’s appointment is to check this is still ok.


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