Rehabilitation – Day 161


Today has been a littlebit like the last few days – so tired and long sleeps. Been 12-14hrs sleeping for 4 days now and then when I’m up – just as tired.

All I’ve done all day is either sleep in bed, or cat nap on the couch on and off. I have had the brace off again and completely rested my legs – apart from the physio’s exercises. Watched 2 more movies again today and evenmore relaxing.

Had a chat with Edith earlier and she baked me a nice big sponge & jam cake – then told me off for looking tired. Similarly, Jan phoned me and also told me off – saying that she thinks that my iron levels may be low and that I should contact the Dr tomorrow and check.

Other than that – nowt different, knee isn’t too dore but still swollen.


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