Rehabilitation – Day 160

Day 213 since actually injuring myself on a run. But actually #Day14AfterSurgery.

This time 2 weeks ago I was lay in the hospital bed recovering from the knee surgery and wondering what I had installed in the future. The usual questions and doubts about how the surgery had gone swimming around in my head. The nurses asking me if I required any painkillers or if I was in any discomfort either. To my surprise I was in a ‘Good’ place in my head, just taking the opportunity to relax and not worry too far ahead.

– undressed wounds to do exercises from physio and was surprised at recovery rate.


After the initial problems/difficulties I faced and identified in this blog, life has pretty much just gone on and I have both coped and adapted along the way. Admittedly I have had the support of some good family & friends. I have attended the medical appointments – many of them in the first 10 days and that took alot out of me. I have slept well during the nights and even managed Capnaps during the afternoons too.

For the past 4 days I have completely rested and not been out of the house, other than the shop 40m away, with my feet up and brace off. The exercises have been done each day and I honestly say that I can see & feel the differences in my knee. The obvious difference is the swelling still, but also the muscle waste in my left quads is clear too. My left foot is returning back to normal size due to the amount of time I have had my feet elevated. If I don’t need to move from my couch then I have not moved overthe past 4 days. That in itself has aided my recovery.

I hope that when I go to the Consultant’s appointment at the end of the week he will enable me to have a little more mobility than I currently have. Still no weight baring on my feet, but maybe some extra ‘flexing’ of my knee – it is set at 30 degrees max at the moment.

In terms of my mental state – I can say that I am in a positive place and do understand the process will take time. I have listened to others tell me to stop trying so hard and just relax and bide my time. This is hard for me after being so active over the years. So time to just chill, relax, recover and repeat comes to mind.


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