Rehabilitation – Day 157


Today I tried something different. Not just having a relaxing day but also an attempt to have a proper wash – rather than the 1/2 washes I’ve been getting.

Due to the District/Practice Nurse doing the dressing change yesterday I was able to have an opportunty to discuss bathing routines and how difficult it has been to have a shower. No problem she said have a bath instead, but remember to take off the brace and to keep your knee as straight as possible.

Well I took her advice and did the deed this afternoon – back into the routine of the ‘Lobster Hot’ baths and a good 45mins at least soak in the bath. I even managed to set up the #SmoothRadio to chill out to. Now there are somethings that you just can’t miss out on and one of them is a hot bath. I had the opportunity to inspect my knee surgery without worrying about hurting myself, the hot water relaxed my muscles and I was sensible about doing the simple physio exercises without the brace on.

11800254_10152908285486196_5569158781159024389_n  11751786_10152908285611196_6195909331476860972_n


You can see the 3 small keyhole marks – 2 covered with the dressing and the 3rd is healed up really well on the outside, Also the yellow bruising down my shin bone is the significant part of the surgery, as that is where the procedure had to go into my bone to repair/replace the meniscus cartilage back into place.

Now that I have seen the difference in both my knees at the same time it is clear that my left one is still swollen and a little tender in the lower keyhole. However, I am truely amazed and thankful to the #NHS staff for their efforts in fixing my knee. I know I moaned abit at the beginning of this blog and how long it was taking – that was the sytems fault not the staff. But it is the staff that have enabled me to get some sort of normality back into my life.

I meant what I said yesterday about setting targets, plans and goals for the next 100 days – because that is just me and my personality. However, I am also intelligent enough to know that too much effort by me too soon will cause further problems in the months ahead. So I will listen to and take heed of the Consultants advice, but at the same time give myself just a little bit of a push too.

Today has been a great day – chilled, exercises and bathed – what more could I want?


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