Rehabilitation – Day 156


Went to see the District/Practice nurse today to have the dressing changed andthe stitches removed. Turns out that she is a member of my gym and we had a good old chat about training and what our future goals are. This got me to start thinking about my next TARGET and what I could realistically consider doing.

I can’t put any weight on my foot for another 42+ days so that is very limiting in my aims. There is an 8km run in my local area mid November, which is too far too soon. So I am throwing down a challenge to myself as follows;

1.  To be running within 100 days from now – no pressure on distance or time just running.

2.  To be able to walk around the local ‘PARK RUN’ course in 50 days time – this is a 5km distance but can take as long as I want. Just complete the course.

3.  To complete in a 5km, 6km, 8km and 10km run before the end of the year 2015.

In the mean time I will continue to heed the advice I have been given by the Consultant, rest up the knee, no weight baring and to do my physio exercises every day to build up the muscles around my knee, my quads and my calf.

#Feeling Inspired today  – Chat with Mark McG from the gym, Edgie the dwarf training partner and Peter/Jackie my Personal Conscience about my own health & wellbeing.


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