Rehabilitation – Day 155


The last few days have been really chaotic and I’ve had lots of different appointments about my knee. It started off on Monday when I had to o and see the ‘Duty Vampire’ to give blood…..  Now most times I’ve given blood it has been fairly straight forward – needle in, blood out, job done. But for some reason this ‘Vampire’ had a problem with my arm and the amount of blood I was to have taken out – 4 little bottle of blood. I went through the usual questions about having given blood before, eaten, sleep etc …. but I was then grilled about using/injecting Warfarin, as it thins the blood. I explained I have to self inject warfarin every day for the next 6-8 weeks and then have my blood taken to check levels within it.This wasn’t the answer the ‘Vampire’ wanted, so more questions. All the time this was happening she was digging a needle into my arm. Bruises-R-us in my arm and in my stomach from the warfarin too.

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This trauma meant I became quite hot & clammy as I had used my crutches to get to the Doctors’ surgery – plus I was out of breath too. When I got home I went to bed and had a good afternoon sleep. Later I went to see some of my colleagues that where leaving school – a pleasant evening meal, but again I was extremely tired and comments made that I looked worn out.

Tuesday was a little easier as I had a lay in for an extra hour. Then off to school to say good bye to the kids in my class before they went off to the High School. Again this washed me out completely even though I only spent about an hour and a half with them. Power Nap was the order of the afternoon too.

Now today – it was Psycho-Terrorist Day for me and I was a little unsure as to what they could actually do for me, as I am not allowed to put my foot on the floor at all. so being sensible I telephoned them up and explained in great detail my circumstances and that I was due to visit the Practice/District Nurse tomorrow for a dressing change/check. Furthermore, I was only 9 days post-op and still had the stitches in and an appointment with the Consultant in 9 days time. But no I still had to attend the Psycho-Terrorist and get told what I needed to do next.

I attended this afternoon and met a very nice young psycho-terrorist. She then assessed me within 2 mins to say that she couldn’t really do much as the Consultant had left detailed instructions for what she could do – not much. I told her that I had explained this earlier and had enquired as to the necessity of my attending today. It WAS important so that SHE could tell me the same as I was told 9 days ago – waste of time, effort and energy. This meant I was completely knackered all afternoon and not only are my arms sore but now I’m getting blisters on my hands.

So I have bought some sunglasses and fingerless gloves to help me when I’m out on my crutches again. The amount of sweat that I have after each small journey is amazing – burning off the calories without even training..


Tomorrow is yet another visit to the hospital/Dr/Nurse to check my knee and see how things are going – bet is that I end up having another sleep in the afternoon!!!


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