Rehabilitation – Day 152


Really rough night last night – felt feverish & vomiting for a few hours and don’t know why. Eventually managed to get some sleep until noisey neighbour started DIY about 8.00am – was not a happy chap.On the positive side of life, I had no pain from Neil (the knee) again yesterday and managed to get around the house a little bit easier.

Today, I had Tom & rose visit me and they took me to ASDA for a quick shop for food. I was only out for about 45mins but it felt much longer and I was absolutely shattered when we go home. I ice-packed my knee and Tom cooked me some New Zealand Burgers for tea, which I thoroughly enjoyed and will be buying some myslef. They also prepared some meals for me for later in the week.

The rest of the day I have chilled/recovered on the couch and Skyped Peter/Jackie whilst looking for a sun lounger. I want to use it in the garden so that I can rest with my feet up in the sunshine, rather than stuck indoors. I hope tonight I don’t have a repeat of the vomiting again – did not like that one bit!!!


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