Rehabilitation – Day 151

#Day6ofSurgery – The main issue for me at the moment is trying to get around on the crutches without falling over. I can do short trips around the furniture, but the stairs are a dangerous hurdle to tackle. I even managed to tackle a trip to the shop 50m away but get too tired as soon as I am there.

Sleep isn’t an issue of a night because I just go straight to the land of nod once in bed. I still wake up about 4-5 hours later for my painkillers, but sometimes dont even take them. The last 2 days I have got up after 10am which is great. But I have also been having a catnap of an afternoon too. Is that due to the warm weather or just me recovering?

I managed to cook some spicey chicken and potatoes for tea tonight – which I also thoroughly enjoyed. That did tire me out too but I still managed to not injure myself.

Since Monday’s surgery I have had very little pain coming from Neil (the knee) and I have been extremely & pleasantly surprised by this. I expected to be suffering mega periods of pain but so far so good – none whatsoever.

My days have all started to blur into one mass period of time, watching TV, Reading, Sleeping or having visitors to check I’m ok. Next week will be even more busier when I start to attend the extra medical appointments and the check ups for my self injections – Warfarin to thin my blood.

Lots of thanks to John, Barb, Edith, Edgie, Peter, Jackie and my boys Tom & Zak for constantly checking up on me. My Bro & sis Steve & Jan do so too from a far.

My mixed up meal

My mixed up meal

The meal may look a bit mixed up but it was very tastey. Just difficult to keep on the plate with only one crutch and hopping about.


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