Rehabilitation – Day 150

Today is #Day5 of surgery.

Yesterday I was kept quite busy with different medical appointments and things to do. I attended the Practice Nurse to have the dressings changed on my knee. Although I didn’t do much walking on the crutches – about 50m in total, I was absolutely shattered by the time I got home.

The Nurse removing the bandages said that my knee was looking quite good considering the procedure I had undertaken. The wounds looked fine and no infection or damage to the stitches. The only thing was the size of my knee due to the swelling. But that wasn’t an issue as I wasn’t feeling any pain because of it.



After being run around by Peter & Jackie I had a little ‘Catnap’ to recover – big thanks to them both for their time and help. PS – I enjoyed the pastey Jackie also brought me for my tea – YUMMY.

Today has been a bit different, still sat on the couch watching TV or on my PC  – but less energetic. Not sure if that is due to the efforts so far this week or just that it is a warm day. I have the fan on and still I’, dosing off to sleep. I did sleep well last night too.

Postman has brought even more appointments, Consultant in a few weeks, Blood Tests next week – 2 different appointments and then the Physio too. I need to book in another Dressing change with the Practice Nurse. Next week I will have to ask for a repeat prescription for the painkillers, as they are going down much quicker than previously. (I am only takingthe prescribed amounts too.)

Maybe tonight I will have a chance to start a new book to read? That helped pass the time in hospital and I enjoyed doing it. Plus I have a few new books from Tom & Zak, so it would be rude not to use my time wisely.


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