Rehabilitation – Day 148


I am now getting use to the routines that will be my life for the next 6 weeks – toilet issues, cooking issues, washing issues, walking issues etc… to name but a few. I didn’t realise just how much of an impact this operation was going to have on my normal life style. Besides the obvious not training, exercise or driving – I was under the daft idea that I would be able to cope reasonably well on my own…….   hahahahaha big mistake!!

Thankfully I have had some visitors that have enabled my first 3 days to go smoothly and aided my changes a little more for me. It’s not the lack of social contact that has worried me – I enjoy my own company at times, it has been the inability to do simple tasks that will frustrate me the most. Making a cup of tea is easy and I can do that as and when I want one. The difficulty is carrying the cup into where I want to be without using 2 crutches, spilling it or burning myself. Same with meals, carrying them is the challenge. I sit and eat my breakfast at the table in the kitchen and things are much simpler. But then you dont need to cook cerials.

Today I wanted to pay some bills and completed the paperwork ready to post them off. Now my nearest postbox is about 100m from my house – simple I thought. Walk to the post box, post the letters and pop into the shop for a few little things – like snacks. Back in the house in 5 mins at the most. 25mins it actually took me to do that journey. I had to have a rucksack type of bag on my back to put my keys, wallet, shopping in as I couldn’t carry things in my hands whilst using crutches. But because I wasn’t use to using the crutches yet I had to keep stopping as my arms are tired. (Couldn’t just sit down anywhere either.)

When I got back in the house I spent the next hour or so recovering. Luckily for me Edith came in and checked I was ok and then about an hour later John came in and made me a cup of tea. I needed one too.

Going the toilet has been the biggest shock for me – planning when I ‘Need’ to go and when I ‘Think’ I want to go. A simple thing like removing my bottom half clothes – be they underwear or just shorts – is a major difficulty to get off due to the knee brace. This is going to have to take some significant patience to get correct as I can’t bend my leg at all. Getting dressed in the morning is like a military operation to ensure I can put on clothing over my knee.

The amount of forethought and planning that I have to put into doing some of the most basic tasks is really surprising for me. Tablets/painkillers available in bedroom, kitchen, livingroom – all of which must have a bottle of water near too. Crutches upstairs, downstairs – cushions, pillows and blankets, mobile phone charging or house phone near by – you namei it and it has to be looked at.

Peter has set up my PC to my TV and Skype is available too. I can use the internet quite easily and watch movies or chat to people on Twitter/FB/Blog. Things that I have taken for granted are now part of my limitations.

Whilst my enthusiasm for my returning to some sort of normality after thesurgery has grown significantly, the impact of the surgery is now only just starting to surface fully. Healthwise I am in a much better place than the past 7 months and I know things are going to get much better for me as the weeks go by. But the frustration levels at the moment due to my limitations are so significant that I am totally shocked at how much I will be depending on others to help me initially.

I am in a much better place and really glad that it is the end of school. Otherwise I would be worried about coping with work on top of everything else. One final point for today – Tomorrow will be easier!!!

Just had a Skype Medical Consultation with my own Private Nurse – Jackie. Sorting me out and telling me off. I will do as I am told or else comes to mind – lol. Thanks Jackie.


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