Rehabitilation – Day 147

I went to the hospital yesterday and  was very aprehensive about what the outcome would be. As big and confident as I am at 6’1″ tall and 16st I still was very nervous about the surgery.


Surgery done – 3.5hrs this morning. Home about 7pm tonight.

Was in recovery and had them all in fits of laughter as was giggling & smiling under the drugs. They asked if i was ok when opened my eyes. My 1st words they said was “Can I go training today now”?

11009839_10152883702636196_7410839291281761072_n 11227764_10152883054561196_6069763225057822533_n 

The actual surgery was a complete blank to me but the Consultant was very pleased with his work and we had a good chat several hours later. He outlined my limitations quite clearly – no weight at all on my leg for a minimum of 6 weeks. I can feel a significant difference already – even though it is just 24hrs later. I can straighten my knee fully now without any pain. Not allowed to bend it past 30degrees flex. I am feeling much happier too, looking less tired and a bit more energy – but sleep is a little disrupted because I need to adapt my sleeping position. There is very little pain too at the moment. – but I won’t bank on that for much longer….

The only shock that I did get and didn’t cater for was that I have to self inject Warfarin everyday for the next 6 weeks – to prevent clots in my leg. I don’t like needles at the best of times but now I have to do it myself – ouch!!!

So now that I am on the right road to recovery, I can start to plan ahead. Lots of dressing changes, check ups, physiotherapy, blood tests etc…  all booked in. I am getting to spend some real quality time relaxing and have even managed to read a book over the past few days. Movies on NETFLIX/STREAMING has been set up by my mate Peter.

Edith has been in a few times today – brought me the morning paper too, John & Barb next door came for a chat and Michelle from school has texted me too. I didn’t know that I had so many caring friends – just thought I was someone they chattered to.

So now that I am sidelined for 6the next 6 weeks, it may actually occure to some people that my return to normality may not be until after September.- as they are under the impression my return is going to be early.


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