Rehabilitation – Day 146

Well I’m about 3 hours too early to post this but I have to go to bed early so that I can get to hospital in the morning.

D-Day for surgery and day 199 since my injury.

Today is the long awaited day to get my best friend Neil (the knee) sorted and boy has it been much anticipated. Forthe past 7 months I have attempted to go about my life as normal as possible – if you knew me you would also know that my life is far from normal!!! Training stopped for about 6weeks before I started a limited set of exercised organised by my friend and PT Mark McG at the gym. Life was some sort of normality as a result. (I would like to thank Mark McG, Mark G, Alison, Dave, Derek, Jody and a few of the gym members for all their help and support over the past few months.)

Work life has been one almighty pain and source of great discomfort and pain. Nothing normal in school just utter and complete difficulties – partly brought up on by my unwillingness to adapt to my own limitations, and partly to my actual job itself. Teaching is not a job that you can do in little bits, it is all or nothing. For me, I had to give my Class my ALL. This meant that on many occasions my colleagues often forgot that I had a significant difficulty in my functioning and still expected my 100% efforts.

As for my social/home life – first thing I’d say about that is ‘What Social Life?’   I have been major limited in going out and have spent most weekends on my 2nd favourite friend – Claire (the settee), watching movies, sport and general TV. I have had visits from colleagues and friends to help me through the depressing periods – Edgie, Tony, Adam, John, Jan, Michelle to name a few. My family have been around as much as they could – My Sons – Tom & Zak  – and Rose, Oliver & Becka have kept me sane in parts. The Boys still setting me challenges by their boasts of improved PBs and new achievements. Family & Friends – Steve & Jan, Peter & Jacky and Edith have all played a part. Virtual friends on Twitter, Facebook and the Blogs I am apart of – all contribute to my recovery.

But most of all I’d say that being a strong character, a person who knows that he WILL get over this injury and promotes a Positive Mental Attitude, this more than anything has helped me to survive the difficulties I have endured.

Tomorrow is the start of my new beginning. The battle of waiting is now over. It is time to win the War and recover as quickly as possible.



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